Research Interests

  • Application of dynamic programming to sequential optimization of finite element mesh solvers with respect to time and space complexity
  • Extensions of dynamic programming to the problems with exponential numbers of subproblems and to sequential optimization relative to different criteria with applications to machine learning and discrete optimization
  • Recommendation algorithms

Selected Publications

  • H.M. AbouEisha, I. Chikalov, M. Moshkov: Decision trees with minimum average depth for sorting eight elements. Discrete Applied Mathematics 204: 203-207 (2016)
  • A. Paszynska, M. Paszynski, K. Jopek, M. Wozniak, D. Goik, P. Gurgul, H.M. AbouEisha, M. Moshkov, V.M Calo, A. Lenharth, D. Nguyen, K. Pingali: Quasi-optimal elimination trees for 2D grids with singularities. Scientific Programming 2015: 303024:1-303024:18 (2015)
  • H.M. AbouEisha, M. Ju. Moshkov, K. Jopek, P. Gepner, J. Kitowski, M. Paszynski: Towards green multi-frontal solver for adaptive finite element method. ICCS 2015: 984-993 (2015)​
  • H.M. AbouEisha, S. Hussain, V.V. Lozin, J. Monnot, B. Ries: A dichotomy for upper domination in monogenic classes. COCOA 2014: 258-267 (2014)
  • H.M. AbouEisha: Finding optimal exact reducts. KDIR 2014: 149-153 (2014)​
  • ​H.M. AbouEisha, M. Moshkov, V.M. Calo, M. Paszynski, D. Goik, K. Jopek: Dynamic programming algorithm for generation of optimal elimination trees for multi-frontal direct solver over h-refined grids. ICCS 2014: 947-959​ (2014)​
  • H.M. AbouEisha, M. Al Farhan, I. Chikalov, M. Moshkov: An algorithm for reduct cardinality minimization. GrC 2013:1-3​ (2013)
  • ​H.M. AbouEisha, P. Gurgul, A. Paszynska, M. Paszynski, K. Kuznik, M. Moshkov: An automatic way of finding robust elimination trees for a multi-frontal Ssparse solver for radical 2D hierarchical meshes. PPAM (2) 2013: 531-540​ (2013)
  • M. Liw​icki, H.M. AbouEisha, A. Dengel: Improving handwriting recognition by the use of semantic information. In: D.S. Doermann et al. (eds.) Document Analysis Systems, ACM, 441-446 (2010)


  • M.S., King Abdullah University of Science and Engineering, Saudi Arabia, 2011
  • B.S., German University in Cairo, Egypt, 2010