Vision-CAIR stands for Computer Vision- Core Artificial Intelligence Research, where we cover Content and Creative AI research. We Vision-CAIR about AI. A few highlights of the research areas and the work we do in our lab.

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I am looking for passionate AI researchers to join my group (multiple openings) at the beautiful KAUST campus on the red sea. In particular, I am looking for strong PhD/MS Students and Postdocs (fully funded) interested in working on Vision-CAIR. Interns and short-term visiting researchers are also welcome to reach out. I highly recommend reading Eric Feron's note on Ph.D. characterization. Read more about open positions at Vision-CAIR Research Group.

‌Research Overview


Dr. Mohamed Elhoseiny is Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Visual Computing Center at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) and an AI Research consultant at Baidu Research at Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL). He received his PhD from Rutgers university under Prof. Ahmed Elgammal in October 2016 then spent more than two years at Facebook AI Research(FAIR) until January 2019 as a Postdoc Researcher. His primary research interests are in computer vision and especially about learning about the unseen or the least unseen by recognition (e.g., zero-shot learning) or by generation (creative art and fashion generation). Under the umbrella of how AI may benefit biodiversity, Dr. Elhoseiny's 6-years long development of the zero-shot task on major vision conferences was featured in the United Nations biodiversity conference in November 2018 (~10,000 audience from >192 countries). His creative AI research projects were recognized at the ECCV18 workshop on Fashion and Art with the best paper award, media coverage at the New Scientist Magazine and MIT Tech review (2017, 2018), 20 min speech at the Facebook F8 conference (2018), and coverage at HBO Silicon Valley TV Series (2018), and the official FAIR video (2018).