At the Advanced Algorithms and Simulation Laboratory (AANSLab), we research, implement, and demonstrate the capabilities of novel computational tools

that can be used for computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics analysis and design.‌ We have active collaborations with academic institutions, national laboratories, and industrial partners.

‌Academic Collaborators

  • ‌Prof. Magnus Svard
  • ‌Prof. Hua Shen
Sun Yat Sen


  • ‌Dr. David Del Rey Fernandez
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  • ‌Prof. Alberto Guardone
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National Laboratories

  • ‌Dr. David Del Rey Fernandez
  • Dr. Mark H. Carpenter


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Industrial Partners

  • ‌CFD group at McLaren Racing


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  • ‌Dr. Alexander Heinecke
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  • ‌CFD R&D group
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