Our Vision

The Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE) division is one of the three Divisions of KAUST, a postgraduate university established in 2009 by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, who envisioned the return of the House of Wisdom to the Arab world.

King Abdullah recognized the transformative power of science for bringing solutions to local and global issues in the areas of food, water, energy and the environment. Our ambition at CEMSE is to honor his vision by educating the leaders of tomorrow and by offering a fertile ground to nurture international scholars.

Our Mission

Since the University’s inception, CEMSE has served as a focal point for studies and research in applied mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. Its scientific endeavors have brought awards, academic honors, collaborative funds, industrial patents and innovative technological solutions to Saudi Arabia and the world.

To educate highly qualified professionals at master’s degree and Ph.D. level, we have designed our postgraduate programs to meet the highest international standards for academic studies and research. Our carefully selected faculty and researchers offer students engaging courses and involve them in hands-on, curiosity-driven research.

Quick Facts

The master’s degree and Ph.D. programs prepare students for research-oriented careers in academia and industry. The unique research infrastructure of KAUST and its supercomputing center enables students and researchers to perform cutting-edge experiments and demanding computer simulations. Innovation and entrepreneurship are also strongly encouraged and supported by KAUST Innovation and Economic Development.

Academic Programs

CEMSE is responsible for the organization and coordination of four degree-granting programs:

Research Centers

Many of CEMSE’s faculty are affiliated with the KAUST Research Centers, providing students with unique opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research.
The Research Centers affiliated with the CEMSE Division are:


Join us for an exciting scientific career at CEMSE, let us together build a smarter future!