Multiple Postdoc Openings

We currently have multiple postdoc openings. As a postdoc, KAUST offers you a highly enriching environment in which to further develop your research, whether in pursuit of a future academic position, or to gain deeper technical understanding for a job in industry. Postdocs enjoy highly competitive salaries and free accommodation and healthcare on a world class campus with ample recreational facilities and a private beach. You will live and work among a highly diverse population of high achievers, and interact with world-leading faculty across a range of disciplines.

Applicants with expertise in the following areas are sought:

  • Machine learning acceleration on FPGAs
  • High performance computing on FPGAs using OpenCL/C++ HLS tools
  • Coarse grained reconfigurable arrays and overlay architectures including compilers
  • Networking applications and platforms including Smart NICs 
  • Virtualisation of network/host interfacing for virtualising FPGA accelerators

Postdoc applicants should have completed or soon be completing their PhD in a relevant area. You should also have published your research in high quality venues in reconfigurable computing, design automation, or computing systems. References will be sought.

As founding members of ACCL, you will be able to influence the design and deployment of a large new FPGA computing testbed and help initiate collaborations with other faculty in areas from machine learning, through networks and robotics, to communication systems.

Ongoing PhD Student Admissions 

We continue to invite PhD applicants to apply to join ACCL. As a PhD student, KAUST offers you an enriching environment in which to hone your research skills, while also studying a variety of courses across broad discipline areas. You will also have the opportunity to intern in industry or other academic institutions, to publish and present your research at international conferences, and to gain experience working in a team with other PhD students, postdocs, and faculty.

PhD applicants should have good programming experience, while experience of hardware design with FPGAs is a welcome addition. You should have completed your degree in a relevant discipline and have some idea of an area of research that is of interest to you. Please contact me by email in advance of applying to discuss your proposal.

Entry for Spring and Fall 2022 is now open. Bachelors graduates are encouraged to apply for the fully funded MS/PhD programme while those with Masters should apply for the PhD programme directly. Applications can be submitted through the KAUST Admissions Portal and go through a centralised admissions process – you should indicated me as your preferred supervisor.