Bridging the Gap between the Academia and Industry by Extending High-Quality Research to Practical Business Needs

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AI is rapidly becoming part of the majority of real-world applications. Yet, a large proportion of high-quality research in the academia does not become part of the wider engineering and industrial sector. Elm Research was established in mid-2018 as part of Elm strategy to provide a more innovative and problem-solving approach to address the business needs of various internal departments and clients. We focus on integrating and extending research principles into systems that directly address the needs of businesses. This seminar focuses on providing the audience with the context and scope of our internship program. The program is for the young and talented graduate students with an active interest in solving real-world problems. Some of the projects that will be presented in the seminar are actively developed in Elm and include domains such as computer vision, robotics and automation, healthcare, IoT, video analytics, and NLP. The seminar will serve as a launch pad to allow students to discuss their future interests and aspirations with the speaker. It will also enable them to develop a better awareness of domains more relevant to their future research aspirations.

Brief Biography

Dr. Syed Adnan Yusuf is a Senior Manager at Elm Research. He holds a PhD in Evolutionary Computing from the University of Wolverhampton and a MS in Computer Science from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. His professional background originates from the defense, aerospace and advanced mobility sectors with his research interests including robotics, autonomous vehicles and intelligent vision applications.

He has a 12+ years of post-doctoral experience and background in industrial machine learning projects covering the topics of image segmentation, object detection & tracking and long-range biometrics. Previously, he has lead UK defense & aerospace projects including nuclear condition monitoring, indoor search & rescue personnel safety and tracking, and video behavior analytics. He has lead a team that worked on the first Nissan Leaf Electric vehicle’s motion control system under a UK Innovate UK initiative called Human Drive.

During his academic career, he has published 20+ research periodicals in various machine-learning disciplines and has supervised several PhD students in the cybersecurity, signal processing and machine learning domains. His core research interests include inertial navigation for zero-GPS personnel tracking, instance segmentation systems for domains such as identity verification, car damage assessment, and dimension estimation projects.

Currently with Elm, he is setting up a multinational research project to develop a next-generation autonomous vehicle platform for passenger and logistic delivery use cases. The 5-year project aims to bring-in the best of talents in the fields relevant to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, localization, and path planning and perception systems.