Rising Stars in AI Symposium 2022 at KAUST

Rising Stars in AI Symposium 2022 at KAUST

The "Rising Stars in AI Symposium" is geared towards young researchers (including PhD students, PostDocs, young faculty) who have recently published promising work at leading venues. There will be dozens of brief in-person presentations about papers recently accepted at major AI conferences such as NeurIPS, CVPR, EMNLP, ACL, ICML, ICLR, etc. All speakers will be encouraged to start with an intro for non-AI experts. 

To view the complete program and for more event details, please visit the symposium website. 

Attend the Symposium

The symposium will be limited to in-person attendance. Due to HSE restrictions, there is a limited number of available seats for in-person attendees in the Auditorium of BW B4 & B5. We will try our best to accommodate those who register to attend in person. To register, please fill out this form.

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