The art and science of teaching: delivering knowledge while nurturing critical reasoning.

This two-week workshop explores emerging teaching methodologies in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. It aims to train Teaching Assistants and Lecturers on developing strategies to better deliver knowledge to passive audience, how to trigger and engage participation in an online tutorial setting as well as nurture critical reasoning and provide feedback while promoting self-confidence. This workshop addresses instructional concerns with Linear Algebra lectures and hands-on coding labs. The focus lays primarily on best practices when teaching Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. This workshop will be led by Dr. Alexandra A. Gomes, Dr. Malek Smaoui, and Saudi Graduate Recruitment and Development office.


During the program, participants will attend:

  • 13.5 hours of core sessions on linear Algebra

  • 13.5 hours of core sessions on applications on emerging teaching methodologies

  • 17.5 hours of Programming language (practical applications)

  • 8x Keynote lectures on emerging teaching methodologies and current research applications

  • Core lab and research center visits and presentations

  • Networking sessions and social activities with KAUST faculty, researchers, alumni, and students

Certificates of participation will be distributed upon the completion of the workshop.


Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) and Strategic National Advancement (SNA).

For more information, please contact Saudi Graduate Recruitment and Development at