The research group on Computational Design and Fabrication is a reaction to the need for research at the interface of Technology and Design, two strongly coupled areas which are essential for the progress in modern societies. We perform cutting edge research in an area that involves Mathematics, Computer Science, Architecture and Design. Hence, our multidisciplinary group is composed of experts from all these fields. Unlike other groups working in a similar direction, we are probably more strongly rooted in Mathematics, in particular in Geometry. We try to achieve our goals within the right mathematical framework. This continues to result in surprising new applications of classical geometry, but also in the development of new geometric concepts and structures, for example in Discrete Differential Geometry. Our research delivered solutions of practical problems, but also attracted the attention of researchers in pure geometry. We aim at a fruitful interplay of theory and practice. We are fascinated by art and design and by the beauty of objects and structures arising from our research.