The surging interest in smart cities and smart environmental systems worldwide along with the ever-increasing capabilities of sensing, communications, and computation are the key enablers of future destinations that are designed for livability, efficiency, and affordability, all the while ensuring sustainability and environmental stewardship.  Our research is classified in two categories: 

‌Infrastructure Research

The term infrastructure has many meanings depending on the technical field of concern. Technology & digital infrastructure is different from the energy infrastructure and both have different underground and aboveground implications than water infrastructure. Transportation and manufacturing have their own infrastructure guidelines. Urban developers may also have a broad definition of city infrastructure. Our Infrastructure research is concerned with elements future city energy, water, mobility, as well as technology & digital infrastructures.

Funded Infrastructure Projects

Livability Research

The livability research addresses various environmental considerations as well as areas of smart & green buildings, and innovative approaches to food production. The development of smart cities depends heavily on livability ecosystems and the quality of a city infrastructure is usually a function of the livability factors.

Funded Livability Projects

For infrastructure, our researchers explore smart solutions for energy, water, technology & digital, and mobility. Livability research areas include food, urban planning & development, environmental monitoring, simulations, and forecast. Other foundational research areas are pursued; namely, information and communications technology as well as robotics and intelligent systems.

In terms of research operations, we have two research channels:

  • Multi-disciplinary Research Initiatives (MRIs) and 
  • Research & Development Seed Projects (RDSPs).

The MRIs are characterized as near-term KAUST-funded research projects that KAUST faculty and their research groups lead in collaboration with external researchers from other highly regarded academic institutions around the world.

The RDSPs are Industry-funded research translation projects aiming to move research from the low technology readiness stage to the pilot levels.

Sample Research Projects (links below)