• M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 2016
  • ​B.S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 2014

As a member of the KAUST Extensions of Dynamic Programming, Machine Learning, Discrete Optimization research group (TREES), Mankowski is currently developing an algorithmic and theoretical framework for combinatorial optimization. The application side of his research centers on an ongoing collaboration with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Research Interests

  • Dynamic programming
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Complexity of algorithms​


  • M. Mankowski, T. Luba, C. Jankowski: Evaluation of decision table decomposition using dynamic programming classifiers. CS&P 2015: 34-43​
  • C. Jankowski, D. Reda, M. Mankowski, G. Borowik: Discretization of data using boolean transformations and information theory-based evaluation criteria, Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Technical Sciences, 12/2015; 63(4):923-932
  • G. Borowik, T. Luba, C. Jankowski, M. Mankowski: Decision table decomposition for further rule induction, Computer-Aided System Engineering (APCASE), 2015 Asia-Pacific Conference on, Quito, 2015, pp. 102-106.

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Selected Publications

Mankowski, M., & Moshkov, M. (2017). Multi-stage Optimization of Matchings in Trees with Application to Kidney Exchange. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 123–130. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-60837-2_10