When you believe it, you can’t stop achieve it.
Rabab Alomairy PhD student CS


  • MS in Computer science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), 2013
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, King Abdulaziz University (KAU), 2010

Honors & Awards

  • 3rd best poster on AI in Medicine, KAUST Research Conference, 2019.

Rabab Alomairy is a PhD candidate in Computer Science. She is studying under supervision of Professor David E. Keyes and Senior research scientist Hatem Ltaief.

Research Interest

Rabab's research interests focus on Task-Based Numerical Libraries and Applications, Performance Optimizations, AI on Large Scale and Dense Linear Algebra.


I choose KAUST because KAUST is the greenland that is fertile for growing any innovative idea.

Why did you choose high performance computing?

I choose high performance computing field because it is the key for many disciplines. Many of grand challenges in different field such as  biology, astronomy, weather climate, and seismic inversion are placing a high demand on large scale computing which attract me to be an expert on HPC.