Cyber Resilience Research Group


It is increasingly believed that Resilient Computing will become the main paradigm for achieving secure and dependable operation of computer systems and networks in a near future. It  will be a game changer in the craft of designing computer systems of today and future, improving classic Cybersecurity techniques.
As such, achieving Cyber Resilience will be at the center of my vision and the inspiration for the research I propose to foster at KAUST. Being founding Director of the recently created Resilient Computing and Cybersecurity Center (RC3), my group is fully dedicated to its bootstrapping, together with other colleagues’ groups.
Our research investigates such paradigms and techniques reconciling Cybersecurity and Dependability, as well as novel ways to apply them in order to achieve Cyber Resilience of systems, in areas like: autonomous vehicles from earth to space; distributed control systems; digital health and genomics; SDN-based infrastructures; or blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Visit the research center’s web —  Resilient Computing and Cybersecurity Center (RC3) —  to see how these ideas are put into action!