Introduction to Quantum Computing

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Over the last four decades, quantum computing evolved from an intriguing idea to a concrete and pervasive technological effort permeating multiple branches of physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and chemistry. In this presentation, we will review past, present, and future eras of quantum computing - such as Near Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) and Utility Scale Quantum (USQ) eras – and cover their respective overarching aspirations and limitations. Once properly situated, we can identify the different roles that academic and industrial players are taking to drive this emerging technology and circumvent current systems' limitations. Our more technical dive will revolve around the advancement of quantum error diagnostics and error suppression tools. The presentation will culminate with a demonstration of software tools used to design, compile and run quantum circuits on hardware. In particular, we will see how Keysight Quantum Engineering Solutions directly addresses the technological demands by providing an ever-evolving integrated solution stack that goes from a fully digital quantum control system to software layers which facilitate control, calibration, benchmarking and error suppression. We will also learn mechanisms to create state-of-the-art benchmarking and calibrating circuits, as well as an error-mitigated entanglement-generating circuit on IBM Quantum systems.

Brief Biography

Dr. Arnaud obtained a PhD in Applied Mathematics (specialized in Quantum Information) at the University of Waterloo in the Institute for Quantum Computing, He ultimately joined the Quantum Engineering Solution team at Keysight. His expertise lies in the fields of open quantum systems, quantum error characterization, and quantum error suppression. More broadly, he is interested in finding solutions for probing quantum computers and quantifying limiting factors in their performance, as well as developing means to increase their computational reach.

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