‌Under Review/In Revision

(Note: * denotes students/postdocs advised/co-advised, # denotes visiting students advised/co-advised)

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  3. Euan, C.*, Sun, Y. and Reich, B. (2021), "Statistical analysis of multi-day solar irradiance using a threshold time series model", Environmetrics, in revision.
  4. Li, Y.* and Sun, Y. (2021), “DeepKriging: Spatially dependent deep neural networks for spatial prediction,” under review.
  5. Abdulah, S.*, Li, Y.*, Cao, J., Ltaief, H., Keyes, D., Genton, M., and Sun, Y. (2021), “Exact Gaussian simulations, likelihood inference and origins for large-scale spatial datasets with ExaGeoStatR,” under review.
  6. Qadir, G.* and Sun, Y. (2021), "Modeling and predicting spatio-temporal dynamics of PM2.5 concentrations through time-evolving covariance models," under review.