Dependability assessment work at City, University of London and possible synergies with RC3 at KAUST



The talk will give an overview of research at the Department of Computer Science at the City University of London, focusing on the past and current dependability work at the Centre for Software Reliability. The talk will conclude with an overview of related research that is continuing or planned to start at City in 2024 and possible synergies and opportunities for collaboration with RC3 at KAUST.

Brief Biography

Ilir Gashi holds PhD (2007) and BEng (Honours) (2003) degrees in Software Reliability and Computing, respectively, from the City, University of London, where he is currently a Reader. Between July 2019 and August 2023, he served as the Head of the Department of Computer Science at City. For the 2023/24 academic year, he is on sabbatical leave, spending part of this time at RC3 at KAUST. Ilir's research focus is on quantitative assessment of the dependability and security of software-based systems. This focus has led him to research methods for assessing fault-tolerant and intrusion-tolerant systems that make use of “design diversity” – using more than one diverse protection system or end system to increase the overall system dependability and security. There have been various application areas for this research (e.g., Operating Systems, AntiVirus (AV) products, Static Analysis Tools (SATs), Botnet detectors and malicious web crawling detection, Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Systems ML-based malware detectors, etc).

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