End-to-Same-End Encryption: Modularly Augmenting an App with an Efficient, Portable, and Blind Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is pervasive nowadays; surprisingly, how to secure cloud storage that is usable in the real world is in fact still open. In this work, we propose a novel system called End-to-Same-End Encryption (E2SEE) that can be deployed directly on existing infrastructure and provide both security and usability. Our system can be flexibly used to augment any App with secure storage, for users to create a personal digital lockbox, and for the cloud to provide secure storage service. A preliminary version of E2SEE was deployed in Snapchat, serving hundreds of millions of users, and the research result was published at USENIX Security 22.

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Dr. Qiang Tang is currently a Senior Lecturer (equal to U.S. Associate Professor) at the University of Sydney. From 2016.8 - 2020.12, he was an assistant professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology and director of JD-NJIT-ISCAS Joint Blockchain Research Lab. Before joining NJIT, he was a postdoc at Cornell. His research spans broadly on theoretical and applied cryptography, and blockchain technology, and his work appeared mostly in top security/crypto/distributed computing venues. He won a few prestigious awards including MIT Technical Review 35 Chinese Innovators under 35, USydney SOAR Prize, Google Faculty Award, Stellar Research Awards, NJIT Research Award and more. His research is supported by various federal agencies and big tech, as well as leading blockchain foundations including Ethereum, Stellar, Filecoin, Algorand and more.

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