KAUST Saudi National Kidney Paired Donation Workshop

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Building 3, Level 5, Room 5220

The 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study identifies chronic kidney disease (CKD) as the 11th most common cause of death globally, accounting for 2.17 % of deaths globally, and the 4th most common cause of death in the KSA, accounting for 4.04% of death. The preferred treatment for end-stage renal disease is kidney transplantation. Transplantation is more effective and more cost-effective than dialysis. Unfortunately,  living transplant kidney donors are often incompatible with their intended recipients. Kidney Paired Donation programs circumvent these barriers as they enable patients to exchange donors. We aim to build the analytic ground for the Saudi National Paired Donation Program providing a better quality of life for the patients and net savings. This workshop brings together Saudi clinicians and KAUST scientists to discuss modern developments in Kidney Paired Donation along with strategies and research directions for Saudi National Kidney Paired Donation Program. 

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