Model hierarchies in semiclassical semi-relativistic quantum models: From Dirac-Maxwell to Euler-Poisson

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The Pauli-Poisswell equation models fast-moving charges in semiclassical semi-relativistic quantum dynamics. It is at the center of a hierarchy of models from the Dirac-Maxwell equation to the Euler-Poisson equation that is linked by asymptotic analysis of small parameters such as the Planck constant or inverse speed of light. We discuss the models and their application in plasma and accelerator physics as well as the many mathematical problems they pose

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Norbert J Mauser is a full professor of mathematics at Univ. Vienna, director of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute & the Inst. CNRS Pauli in Vienna, and coordinator of large European research networks in Applied PDE. He works on (asymptotic) analysis and (numerical) modeling of PDE in (quantum) physics, fluid dynamics, and (magnetic) materials, with a focus on (magnonic) Bose Einstein Condensates and computational micromagnetism

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