Dynamic circuit model for spintronic devices


Meshal Alawein and Hossein Fariborzi, "Dynamic circuit model for spintronic devices," Procedia Engineering, vol. 168, pp. 966-970, 2016


Meshal Alawein, And Hossein Fariborzi.


Spintronics, Circuit model, Finite-difference, All-spin logic




​In this work, we propose a finite-difference scheme based circuit model of a general spintronic device and benchmark it with other models proposed for spintronic switching devices. Our model is based on the four-component spin circuit theory and utilizes the widely used coupled stochastic magnetization dynamics/spin transport framework. In addition to the steady-state analysis, this work offers a transient analysis of carrier transport. By discretizing the temporal and spatial derivatives to generate a linear system of equations, we derive new and simple finite-difference conductance matrices that can, to the first order, capture both static and dynamic behaviors of a spintronic device. We also discuss an extension of the spin modified nodal analysis (SMNA) for time-dependent situations based on the proposed scheme.​

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