Current Research

KAUST CEMSE EE ICS Research Page Resistive Random Access Memory
Resistive Random Access Memory(ReRAM)

​Resistive random access memory (RRAM): formation/disruption of a conductive filament (CF) in resistive switching (RS) layer: low/high resistance states(LRS/HRS); OXRAM: oxygen vacancies based filament; Conductive Bridging-RAM (CBRAM)

KAUST CEMSE EE ICS NEMS Research Page Resonators For Memory Logic
MEMS/NEMS Resonators for Memory/Logic

Micro/nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) resonators may behave as a dynamic memory and logic gate thanks to the flexibility to tune their resonance frequencies on demand. The development of MEMS/NEMS resonator-based computing elements has recently attracted significant attention in the research community.

KAUST CEMSE EE ICS Research Page Spintronic Devices
Spintronic Devices for Nonvolatile Memory and Logic

Spintronics is a new exciting field that emerged about two decades ago. In contrast to mainstream electronics which utilizes the charge for information storage and computation, spintronics exploits the quantum property "spin" in addition to the charge itself. By using two degrees of freedom rather than one, more functionalities and applications are possible.

KAUST CEMSE EE ICS Research page Hybrid Nanorelays
Hybrid Nanorelays for Next Generation of Compact Ultra-Low-Power Circuits

The semiconductor industry is facing a technological crisis, as the power density of integrated circuit “chips” has been constantly increasing for CMOS technology nodes below 90 nm, a consequence of increasing transistor OFF-state leakage current with miniaturization.

Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Nano-Electromechanical (NEM) Relay

Nowadays, integrated circuits (IC) are mostly implemented using Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) transistor technology.

MEM Resonator

‌MEMS devices can be used for building various sensors and actuators. In particular, micro-resonators used in frequency filtering, bio and gas sensing, pressure sensing, acceleration detection and many other applications.

KAUST CEMSE EE ICS Hussein Hussien Research Project
At the Limits of Small Switches

At ICS, we are pushing the limits of small switches to compete with transistors. We are investigating many technologies including Cmos, spintronic, mechanical resonators, nano- electro-mechanical switches, and different fabrication techniques at the micro and nanoscale.