Multistate nanomagnetic logic using equilateral permalloy triangles


Meshal Alawein, Selma Amara, and Hossein Fariborzi, "Multistate nanomagnetic logic using equilateral permalloy triangles," IEEE Magnetics Letters (accepted for publication)

Meshal Alawein, Selma Amara, And Hossein Fariborzi

Nanomagnetic, configurational anisotropy, magnetic quantum cellular automata, nanomagnetic logic, reconfigurable logic


​In this letter, we propose and theoretically study a multistate nanomagnetic logic computing scheme based on nanomagnets with configurational anisotropy (CA). We demonstrate our proposal by presenting a case study of a structure comprising a thin equilateral triangle-exhibiting a six-fold CA-and three surrounding bistable inputs/outputs, where all nanomagnets can generally be interconnected by nanomagnetic chains and adiabatically clocked by external magnetic fields. We qualitatively describe the idea underlying the proposed device and analyze its design and operation by conducting three-dimensional micromagnetic simulations to study the magnetization configurations and dynamics of the triangle, the effect of thermal fluctuations, and the propagation of information from the triangle to an output nanomagnet. As a proof of concept, we demonstrate reconfigurable NAND/NOR and OR/AND gates as potential logic applications. We also highlight further applications and suggest directions for future research.​



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