Each new day is driven by internal and external motivation to learn and work on health project that has a significant impact on human being. I'm delighted to be here in such an ideal environment.


Building 3, Level 3, 3305 – WS11.

Education Profile:

Asma A. Sarouji worked as Integration and IIOT Engineer in Nommas company for promoting vision-based automation in industries using machine learning. Jul 2021-Oct 2021. Also, Arduino and IoT Lecturer with Tech Misbah from  Oct 2021-Dec 2021. In addition, she was trainee in Electrical and Power engineering in Zahid Group company for three months from Jun 2021-Aug 2021.

Asma A. Sarouji worked on a KAU Gate Covid-19 Project which is the automated gate for sterilization and measuring the temperature Sep 2021-Feb 2022. She collaborated in open sources platform such as GitHub by providing smart solutions and impactful projects.

Currently, she is working as a research intern at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) under the supervision of Prof.Tareq Al-Naffouri on health project that has a significant impact on people’s lives.

Research Interests:

Asma’s research interests include:

  • Signal Processing,
  • Communication,
  • Detection, Estimation, and Machine Learning, and
  • IoT