Akram presented a poster and gave a live demo in IEEE Sensors Conference

Muhammad Akram Karimi, Ph.D. student in IMPACT Lab, presented a poster titled "A wearable 3D motion-sensing system integrated with a Bluetooth smartphone application-A system-level overview" at IEEE Sensors conference held in Glasgow, Scotland on Nov 1, 2017. During his presentation, he showed a fully integrated wearable system for tracking the body movements live in 3D space. A smartphone application was also presented which captures real-time body movement data and a unity-3D based cartoon character replicates the human movements in real-time on the mobile application. The system can be expanded to capture full-body movements that can find numerous applications in sports, fitness and healthcare industry.

KAUST CEMSE EE IMPACT Akram Presented A Poster In IEEE Sensors Conference

During his visit to the IEEE Sensors Conference, he also gave a live demonstration of a novel microwave based liquid level sensor. The presented level sensor was unique due to its non-intrusive operation, low-cost realization due to additive manufacturing and high accuracy better than 0.5% over the full range of operation. The live demonstration showed that the sensor can sense any type of liquid inside a dielectric tube. The sensor's response was being analyzed through handheld VNA which was connected to the laptop using Ethernet cable. A custom-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) was shown to provide accurate level sensing in real-time. All the post-processing, data handling, look-up tables, and real-time data mapping was embedded in a windows based application. This kind of sensor finds numerous applications to sense and characterize fluids in oil&gas and the biomedical industry.