Muhammad Akram Karimi secures 3rd prize Best Paper Award at IMS - world's most prestigious microwaves conference

Lightest, extremely cheap and full range sensors. This is what fascinated the jury at the International Microwaves Symposium in San Francisco, CA. 

Beating more than 1000 entries worldwide and a strict acceptance rate of 37%, Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Student Muhammad Akram Karimi, from the research group of KAUST Assistant Professor Atif Shamim, gains 3rd place Best Paper Awards against the top US and international universities. 

Karimi's work on low cost and zero weight water-cut sensors stood out for its quality and distinctive application-direct approach. Successfully, he proved cost reductions of 100 times lower and dropping weight to 1,000 times below than the ones currently available in the market. 

"I feel very proud of this result and to represent Kaust internationally. The San Fransico's Symposium gave us the greatest exposure, sharing ideas with fellow students and renowned academics", Karimi said.

And Prof. Shamim commented: "It is a major achievement and this success will give worldwide recognition and new research paths".

The Kaust team worked in partnership with the Saudi Aramco's EXPEC research center and further developments will transform sensor lab prototypes into the effective market competitor.