Amani Alonazi is a Visiting Researcher in the Image and Viedo Understanding Lab (IVUL) Research Group working with Professor Bernard Ghanem. Previously, she was a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at CEMSE, KAUST, and a member of KAUST's Extreme Computing Research Center, ACM, and SIAM.

Areas of expertise and current scientific interests

Amani's research focuses on developing novel asynchronous task-based algorithms of solvers in scientific simulations. The core of her work lies within the domain of high-performance computing, which combines performance optimizations, modeling, and predicting the behavior of complex system interactions with numerical methods and applications. Alonazi's doctoral dissertation attempts to reduce synchronization points and expose concurrency of memory-bound simulations that are widely representative of scientific computing.


KAUST offers a beautiful focus on computational science, technology, and innovation that makes KAUST for me an exciting and encouraging place for research. On the other hand, ECRC offers a focused, intense, environment with plentiful opportunities of developing and applying high-performance computing algorithms to many large-scale applications spanning several disciplines. I chose KAUST because I love the work I’m doing now. KAUST is not only the best school for me but also the best home and community. I adore KAUST as a place to learn and advance.

Awards and Distinctions

  • "Best Research" Award in "HPC in Asia" Poster Session at ISC'17, Frankfort, Germany (2017)
  • Erasmus Fellowship from the European Union for Masters by research, which was spent at the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin (2013)

Selected Publications

AlOnazi, A. A., Keyes, D. E., Lastovetsky, A. (2014). Design and Optimization of OpenFOAM-based CFD Applications for Hybrid and Heterogeneous HPC Platforms, SHAXC-2 Workshop 2014.
AlOnazi, A. A. (2014). Design and Optimization of OpenFOAM-based CFD Applications for Modern Hybrid and Heterogeneous HPC Platforms, (Thesis).
Khayyat, Z., Awara, K., Alonazi, A., Jamjoom, H., Williams, D., & Kalnis, P. (2013). Mizan. Proceedings of the 8th ACM European Conference on Computer Systems - EuroSys ’13. doi:10.1145/2465351.2465369