I am a freelance writer, creating proponent-specific content for traditional and online channels. This work includes writing articles, profiles, event-coverage pieces, blog posts, marketing pieces, press releases and digital and social media content for various companies and groups. Along with my writing, I am also working in a copyediting/writing and proofreading capacity on a project-by-project basis.

I worked as a staff writer and internal communications specialist for the KAUST Marketing Communications Department (MARCOM) editorial team from 2014 to 2018. As part of a diverse editorial team, I focused on delivering engaging written content for the University’s traditional and online media channels. My role also included managing and publishing daily campus-wide email announcements and university blog posts.

During my time at KAUST, I researched, edited and wrote over 130 science-related articles featuring researchers, postdoctoral fellows, students and staff. Since leaving KAUST, I have continued working for various clients at the University, including the KAUST CEMSE Division, KAUST Global Communications, the KAUST RSRC and the KAUST Health, Safety, and Environment Department.