KAUST holds a special place in my heart as it's where I not only obtained my Ph.D. and started my career but also where I met my husband, had my children, and built a lifetime of memories. Forever grateful for the opportunities and memories this place has given me.


Building 9 (Engineering and Science Hall), Level 3, Room 3340

With a strong background in Materials Science and Engineering, she boasts a wealth of education and experience in the field. Her journey began with a Master's degree in Nanoscience from the University of Nantes (2012-2014), followed by a Master's degree in Multifunctional Materials and New Technologies for Energy from the University of Tours (2014-2015). She then pursued a dual Ph.D. between KAUST and CY Cergy Paris Université, where she graduated in 2020 with a specialization in Materials Science and Engineering.

After completing her Ph.D., she began her career with a postdoctoral fellowship (2021-2022) at KAUST, where she focused on researching flexible and stretchable materials and devices for application in emerging optoelectronics. She has now switched her research career to help young researchers achieve their academic journey. She is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to support the next generation of scientists and engineers.