Dr. Mohammad Vaseem is a Research Scientist and Lab Manager in the Integrated Microwaves Packaging Antennas and Circuits Technology (IMPACT) Research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) led by Professor Atif Shamim. 

Research Interests

Mohammad's research interests include Tuning Ink chemistry/Ink-formulation based on metal, metal oxide and dielectric materials, Inkjet-Printed devices supported on paper and plastic electronics, Printed transistors, conductors,  RFID, and sensors.

Book Chapters:

• M. Vaseem, Ahmad Umar and Yoon-Bong Hahn, “Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles: Growth, Properties and their Applications” in “Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Their Applications”, Edited by Ahmad Umar and Y. B. Hahn, Volume 5, Chapter 4, pages 1-36 (2009), American Scientific Publishers, USA.
• Ahmad Umar, M. Vaseem and Yoon-Bong Hahn, “Growth, properties and Applications of copper and nickel oxide and hydroxide nanostructures” in “Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Their Applications”, Edited by Ahmad Umar and Y. B. Hahn, Volume 2, Chapter 2, pages 1-39 (2009), American Scientific Publishers, USA.
• Mohammad Vaseem and Atif Shamim, “Printed Electronics” in “Handbook of Flexible and Stretchable Electronics”, Edited by Muhammad M. Hussain and Nazek El-Atab, Chapter 6, pages 111-141 (2019), CRC Press | Taylor & Francis Group LLC


• Yoon-Bong Hahn and Mohammad Vaseem “Methods of Preparing P-type ZnO Nanoparticles and Ink Formulation Using the Same” Korean Patent (Registration Number: KR 10-1410034)
• Yoon-Bong Hahn, Mohammad Vaseem, A-Ra Hong “Fabrication of CuO Nanoparticles and Thereof Ink and Microwave-Irradiated Reduction of CuO Films into Metallic Cu films” Korean Patent (KR Grant: KR101582637B1, WO Application: WO2015016404A1)
• Mohammad Vaseem, Garret McKerricher, Atif Shamim, “Silver-organo-complex ink with high conductivity and inkjet stability” US Patent Application No. US20180312710A1, Publication Date: Nov. 1, 2018.
• Mohammad Vaseem, Farhan Abdul Ghaffar, Atif Shamim, “Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Based Magnetic Ink For Additive Manufacturing” US Patent Application No. US20190259517A1, Publication Date: Aug 22, 2019. 
• Mohammad Vaseem, Shuai Yang, Atif Shamim, “Vanadium Oxide Nanoparticle-Based Ink Compositions” WO Patent Application No. WO2019180645A1, Publication Date: Sep. 26, 2019.

Education Profile

  • Ph.D. Feb. 2011, Department of Chemical Engineering, Chonbuk National University, South Korea.
  • M.S. 2005, Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, India. 
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) 2003, Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, India. 

Professional Memberships

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of BIN Fusion Technology with World Class University (WCU) project, Chonbuk National University, South Korea (April 2011-July 2013).
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at School of Semiconductor and Chemical Engineering with BK21 Center for Future Energy Materials and Devices project, Chonbuk National University, South Korea (Sep 2013-Dec 2014).
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), King Abdullah University Of Science & Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia (Jan 2015-Dec 2018)​.

Awards and Distinctions

• Best Presentation Award, “Ink-Jet Printing: An Efficient Way for Various Device Fabrication” BIN Fusion Technology Workshop, Korea (May 17-18, 2012).
• Best Poster Presentation Award, “High Mobility p-CuO Quantum Dots Based Field Effect Transistors Inkjet-Printed on Si/SiO2 and Flexible Substrates” Nano Korea Symposium (July 10-12, 2013, COEX Seoul, Korea).
• Best Poster Presentation Award, “Inkjet Printed Fractal-Connected Electrodes with Silver Nanoparticle Ink” 37th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composite-2013 (ICACC’13) Florida, USA (January 27- February 1, 2013).
• Best Poster Presentation Award, “Nonenzymatic Glucose Biosensor Based on CuO Nanoparticles Inkjet-Printed on Silver Electrodes” International Workshop on Flexible & Printed Electronics (IWFPE), Jeonju, Korea (November 20-22, 2013).

Selected Publications

Mohammad Vaseem, Ahmad Umar, Sang Hoon Kim, Yoon-Bong Hahn “Low-Temperature Synthesis of Flower-Shaped CuO Nanostructures by Solution Process: Formation Mechanism and Structural Properties” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 112, pp. 5729-5735, 2008.
M. Vaseem, A. Umar, Y. B. Hahn, D.H. Kim, K. S. Lee, J. S. Jang, J. S. Lee “Flower-shaped CuO nanostructures: Structural, photocatalytic and XANES studies” Catalysis Communications, Vol. 10, pp. 11-16, 2008.
Ahmad Umar, M. M. Rahman, Mohammad Vaseem, Yoon-Bong Hahn “Ultra-sensitive cholesterol biosensor based on low-temperature grown ZnO nanoparticles” Electrochemistry Communications, Vol. 11, pp 118-121, 2008.
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