Our lab works on Silicon Photonics with special emphasis on integration of on-chip light sources. Leveraging the state of the art nanofabrication technology and interdisciplinary cooperation, we develop photonic integrated circuits that can be applied for data communications, biosensors/bioimaging, energy harvesting, machine vision, and quantum information processing.


Curriculum Vitae


Office: Bldg 3, Room 3219

Dr. Yating Wan received her B.Sc. degree at Zhejiang University, in 2012, and her Ph.D. degree in at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2017. Prior to joining KAUST as an Assistant Professor in 2022 summer, she was a postdoctoral scholar in Prof. John Bower’s group at University of California, Santa Barbara from 2017-2022.

Areas of expertise and current scientific interests

Dr. Wan’s research interests are in Silicon Photonics with special emphasis on integration of on-chip light sources for short-reach communication links. She is also interested in other related applications including biosensors / bioimaging, energy harvesting, machine vision, and quantum information processing.

Dr. Wan's research focused on simulation, device fabrication and characterization of the photonic integrated circuits. Her research has resulted in many pioneering and cutting-edge results, receiving extensive recognition by more than 30 professional communities and 10 social media coverages. She has published more than 60 peer-reviewed research papers, including 33 first-author journal (23)/conference(10) papers, 7 journal covers, 1 postdeadline conference paper, and 1 book chapter. She served as an associate guest editor for JSTQE, Photonics, and Biosensors, and a referee for more than 37 peer-reviewed journals in IEEE, OSA, and the Nature Publishing Group. She received 2016-17 School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Award in HKUST, 2021 CLEO Tingye Li Innovation Prize, 2018 PIERS Young Scientist Award, 2018 Rising Stars Women in Engineering Asia, 2020 Rising Stars Women in EECS and 2021 OGC Best Young Scientist Award.

Full resume can be accessed here.

Selected Publications

1.  Y. Wan, C. Xiang, J. Guo, R. Koscica, MJ Kennedy, J. Selvidge, Z. Zhang, L. Chang, W. Xie, D.Huang, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers*, “High speed evanescent quantum-dot lasers on Si”, Laser & Photonics Reviews 2100057, 2021.
2.  Y. Wan, J. Norman, Y. Tong, MJ Kennedy, W. He, J. Selvidge, C. Shang, M. Dumont, A. Malik, H. K. Tsang, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers*, “1.3 µm quantum-dot distributed feedback lasers directly grown on (001) Si”, Laser & Photonics Reviews. 14 (7), 2070042, 2020.
3.  Y. Wan, C. Shang, J. Huang, Z. Xie, A. Jain, D. Inoue, B. Chen, J. Norman, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers*, “Low-dark current 1.55 μm InAs quantum dash waveguide photodiodes”, ACS nano 14(3), 3519-3527, 2020.
4.  Y. Wan, S. Zhang, J. Norman, MJ Kennedy, W. He, Y. Tong, C. Shang, J. He, H. K. Tsang, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers*, “Directly modulated single-mode tunable quantum dot lasers at 1.3 µm”, Laser & Photonics Reviews. 14(3), 1900348, 2020
5.  Y. Wan, S. Zhang, J. Norman, MJ Kennedy, W. He, S. Liu, C. Xiang, C. Shang, J. He, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers*, “Tunable quantum dot lasers directly grown on Si”, Optica, 6(11), 1394-1400 (2019).

For the complete list and PDF paper files, please visit the "Publications" tab or Google Scholar.


1. KAUST offers strong startup funding for me to build a world-class lab and provides flexible and sustained support to pursue long-term research and scientific goals so that I can spend sufficient quality time advising students and discussing ideas.

2. KAUST has world-leading facilities for semiconductor material growth, device nano-fabrication, and characterizations. Those facilities are supported and maintained by excellent and experienced scientists and technicians to make full use.

3.  KAUST is a beautiful place, with the Red Sea just steps away.

4.  KAUST takes care of everything (housing, children education, transportation, visa, etc. ) so that you can fully focus on research.

5. KAUST provides work-play-live environment, it has state-of-the-art fitness facilities and ample recreational amenities, infinity pool with its magnificent view overlooking the sea, a 9-hole, par 36 golf course, full range of PADI scuba diving courses from Open Water all the way up to Dive Master, numerous fine dining and casual fare restaurants, private chartered boat cruises, snorkeling and diving trips, and traditional fishing trips, etc. There is a wide range of activities and opportunities for keeping fit, active and entertained.

6. KAUST is very international, it attracts students, postdocs, scientists, and faculties from all around the world. I enjoy the diverse and international university community of faculty, students, staff, and the cross-disciplinary organization between Academic Divisions and Research Centers.