Research Interests

Yu Li is a Ph.D. student at KAUST, majoring in Computer Science. His advisor is Prof. Xin Gao. His research interests are Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Bioinformatics. He got his Master degree in Computer Science at KAUST in December 2016. Before that, he got his Bachelor degree in Biosciences at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI) Member
  • International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Member

Education Profile

  • Ph.D student, Computer Science, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, 2017-present
  • M.Sc., Computer Science, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, 2016
  • B.Sc, Biosciences, USTC, China, 2015

Awards and Distinctions

  • Full scholarship for MS/PhD study (acceptance rate: 3%), 2015, KAUST
  • Certificate of Honor Rank (5% out of all graduates in 2015 at USTC), 2015, USTC
  • TianYi FeiYoung Scholarship, 2014, USTC
  • Shizhang Bei's Fellowship, 2013-2015, USTC
  • National Scholarship (2 out of 73 students), 2013, USTC
  • Xingye Scholarship of Responsibility (2 out of 90 students), 2012, USTC
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship, Golden Prize (5% chance of receiving), 2012, USTC
  • Cyrus Tang's Moral Education Scholarship (2 out of 90 students), 2011-2015, USTC