Bilal Maassarani: The TetraDart: A Modular Fractal VTOL UAS

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The TetraDart: A Modular Fractal VTOL UAS


We introduce the TetraheDrone, a hover-capable module in the shape of a tetrahedron that can be assembled in larger tetrahedral configurations and can transition to winged flight. Inspired by earlier designs by Alexander Graham Bell, the TetraheDrone can become a large vehicle while keeping an inherent ability for easy transportation, either via its own means or in a cargo bay.

Brief Biography

Bilal Maassarani is a PhD student supervised by Professor Eric Feron (previously by Professor Jeff Shamma). He received his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering in 2017 (supervised by Professors Dana Kulic and Soo Jeon) and Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering in 2014 both at the University of Waterloo. Previously he held a full-time position as an FPGA Developer at Ericsson and internships at Broadcom, Blackberry, General Motors, Ciena, Natural Resources Canada, and IDT. Currently, he is moving from this diverse set of experiences to focus on mechatronic systems, automation, design, and control.

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