The KAUST Research Conference on Robotics and Autonomy KAUST 2023 organizers invite the KAUST community members to participate in the 3rd edition of the Robotics Contest. This event is open to children, teenagers (TKS G1- G12 level), and adults. 
We welcome entries in three different formats: stories, comics, and animated videos. To submit your contributions please click Here

SRSI Projects mentored by RISC Lab Ph.D. Students


TKS-KG 2022 Visit

The TKS-KG visit was organized to thank the kids for participating in a robotic project. The RISC Lab members and the TKS-KG library team collaborated during the RobotoKAUST 2022 Conference.

In May 2022 Professor Eric Feron and the RISC Lab Team visited TKS KG to meet with the youngest members of our community. Professor Feron engaged in the scientific discussion with the kids about flying robots. The kids were then presented the exciting opportunity to observe flying drones.

We extend a special thank you to the following for co-organizing the visit: TKS-KG teachers, Candace and Elaine.

RobotoKAUST 2022: Short Robotics Story and Video Contest

The KAUST Research Conference on Robotics and Autonomy KAUST 2022 organizers invited the KAUST community to participate in the second edition of the Short Story and Video Contest. This creative event was open to children, teenagers (TKS G1- G12 level), and adults. “The favorite part was to see how many answers we got. People campus-wide seemed to really enjoy this activity”- Eric Feron.
Winning entries were noted by showcasing exemplary use of English and a certain level of uniqueness in each design. There was a lot of freedom left to the participants resulting in a great amount of creativity. Tying both a vivid imagination
together with the use of excellent, exercising every neuron in the human mind. In addition, this year RobotoKAUST established different levels so little kids had their opportunity to participate... and win.
*Entries were submitted in two different formats: stories and animated videos. This allowed for limitless creativity.*

Special Jury Award for the song 

"The forest under the sea" by Kaitesi Magara won the Special Jury Award for the song. Kaitesi is a TKS G9 Student.

Winning Short Robotics Stories

As a part of the prize, Professor Eric Feron supported the production of animated videos based on the winning stories.

Story by Pablo Finkbeiner Rivera TKS G6 Student

Story by Apurva Shinde TKS G5 Student

Story by Weronika Ogieglo TKS G2 Student

Video animations

TKS G5 Student, Khadija Adamu, prepared a video animation "The Detective Robot Fish". This work was awarded the first prize in the contest.

Selected video animations, submitted to the competition are listed below:

Video animation by Fatima Kulmanova TKS G3 Student

Video animation by Trey Magara TKS G4 Student

Video animation by Fabian Finkbeiner Rivera TKS G10 Student

TKS-KG RobotoKAUST 2022 Project Exhibition

In January 2022, TKS-KG libraries were transformed into "Little Red Sea Research Center," where the TKS-KG students could learn about marine life and robotics. The developed robots could take care of the sick coral reef and clean the ocean from the trash and were showcased at the RobotoKAUST Gala Event in the University Library.

TKS-KG Hour of Code Project


RobotoKAUST 2021: Short Robotics Story Competition

During the KAUST Research Conference on Robotics and Autonomy KAUST 2021, the community was invited by the KAUST RISC Lab to participate in the Short Story Competition. The participants wrote original stories about robots.

RobotoKAUST Book
"A KAUST Odyssey: A Mystery Book of Robotic Stories"

The KAUST RISC Lab published the first book containing all of the stories written by the KAUST Community and submitted to for the contest.

To collect your copy of the book, please contact Renzo Caballero.

Competition Awards

As a part of the prize, Prof. Eric Feron supported the production of three animated videos based on the winning stories.

Special Recognitions

Three TKS K2 Classes and TKS K3 Home Learning Class received special commendations for their teamwork:

  • Ms. Olga's K2 Class 2020/21

  • Ms. Sezin's K2 Class 2020/21

  • Ms. Katherine's K2 Class 2020/21

  • K3 Home Learning Class 2020/21

The stories written by the youngest members of our community are presented below.