Gala event: Poster session / Exhibition / Contest winners announcement

Event Start
Event End
Building 3, Lobby area (desert side), Level 2

The RobotoKAUST Conference will host a public event, the RobotoKAUST Gala Event, on May 9, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. in Building 3, Lobby area (desert side), Level 2

The Gala Event will include:

  • A Poster Session
  • A TKS-KG Projects Exhibition
  • Short Story, Comics & Video Contest winners announcement

For the Short Story, Video, and Comics Contest organized during #RobotoKAUST 2023, following last year’s format, the best works will be showcased during the RobotoKAUST Exhibit. The winners will be announced during the RobotoKAUST Gala Event. The winning stories will be turned into video animations. The organizers plan to publish a book with all the entries from the contest.

Scientific Posters will be displayed digitally during the #RobotoKAUST Gala Event allowing discussion among poster presenters and interested attendees. Here are the posters which are going to be presented (in no particular order):

  • "Range-based underwater target localization and pursuit with cooperative marine robots," 
    • Dr. Hung Tuan Nguyen, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST Lisbon).
  • "Towards Fully Autonomous Semi-supervised Visual Tracking of Marine Animals using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,"
    • Levi Cai, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • "In situ monitoring of marine phytoplankton and net primary production using robotic sampling (marine robots) in the western Indian ocean."
    • Dr. Sixolile Leonora Mazwane, Nelson Mandela University
  • "Underwater Wireless Optical Communication for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,"
    • Dr. Yang Weng, University of Tokyo
  • "Fault Detection and Classification of Propeller Damages for Autonomous Surface Vehicles using Deep Learning and Wavelet-based Feature Extraction"
    • Dr. Mohd Hisham Bin Nordin, University of Plymouth
  • "A MEMS microgripper device as a robotic end-effector"
    • Yousef Algoos, KAUST
  • "Runtime Assurance for Distributed Avionics Architecture"
    • Salman Sarfaraz Ghori, KAUST
  • "Using LiDAR on a Ground-based Agile Robot to Map Tree Structural Properties"
    • Omar Andres Lopez Camargo, KAUST
  • "Towards Freezing Robot Problems in Social Navigation: Social Cues Prediction and 3D Multi-Object Tracking"
    • Dr. Abdullah Alharthi, KAUST
  • "Design, Simulation, and Test of a Tunable MEMS Multi-threshold Inertial Switch"
    • Dr. Qiu Xu, KAUST
  • "Experience-Based Trajectory Generation for Reduced-G Roller Coaster"
    • Mohammad Aljohany, KAUST
  • "Design and Optimization for UAV as a Platform for Microgravity Flights"
    • Mohammed Nasser Aldosari, KAUST
  • "Smart In-pipe Localization for Pipeline Inspection Gadgets"
    • Dr. Mohammed Alsharif, Aramco
  • "Transfer Learning for Underwater Object Detection"
    • Dr. Masheal Mohammed Alghamdi, KACST
  • "Air Taxi with free wings"
    • Abdulrahman Mazen Alshammari, KAUST
  • "Estimating the Coverage Measure and the Area Explored by a Side-Scan Sonar"
    • Maria Costa Vianna, École Polytechnique
  • "Development of a Testing Platform for an Underwater Surveying Robot to Assess Coral Reef Health"
    • Maria Qumsani, KAUST SRSI program
  • "A Low-Cost Replicable Open-Source Mangrove Monitoring System"
    • Dhay Shujaa, KAUST SRSI program
  • "Comparison of LQR and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms Applied to an Inverted Pendulum"
    • Uzouf Baagil, KAUST SRSI program
  • "Utilizing a Novel Zif-8@MiZax3 Complex as a Smart Controlled-Release Biostimulant Delivery Method"
    • Sara AlNasser, KAUST SRSI program
  • "An AI-Based Unmanned Vehicle Following Using 3D LiDAR Pointcloud"
    • Jehan AlSaghier, KAUST SRSI program