Obadah Wali: Tetracopter: a modular fractal drone

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KAUST University Library

Tetracopter: a modular fractal drone


A Tetracopter is a fractal modular drone. A characteristic of fractals is to have a geometry that can be assembled to generate the same geometry with larger scale. To achieve this feature in drones a tetrahedron geometry has been used, where a tetrahedron shape is a three side facets pyramid. The advantage of this drone structure is to have modular drones that have an assembly in vertical direction, which will increase the rigidity of the structure, as well as to reduce the wake interaction of the elevated propellers in the assembly. This work includes a design and analysis of the Tetracopter, followed by a flight testing for one Tetracopter, as well as four assembled Tetracopters.

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Mechanical engineering student. I did my bachelor in King Fahd University of petroleum and minerals. I did my master in KAUST, with a thesis title of "Design and implementation of transformer drones"

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