Arpys Arevalo Carreno has obtained Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the Electromechanical Microsystems & Polymer Integration Research Lab (EMPIRe) under the supervision of Prof. Ian Foulds and Prof. Jurgen Kosel.

He is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at Research Fellow at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)​.

Selected Publications:

Alfadhel, Ahmed, et al. "Three-axis magnetic field induction sensor realized on buckled cantilever plate." Ieee Transactions on Magnetics 49.7 (2013): 4144-4147.

Arevalo, A., Conchouso, D., Castro, D., Kosel, J. and Foulds, I.G., 2016, April. Piezoelectric transducer array microspeaker. In 2016 IEEE 11th Annual International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (NEMS) (pp. 180-183). IEEE.