De. Cai Liang has been Postdoctoral fellow at Sensing, Magnetism and Microsystems Group under supervision of Prof. Jurgen Kosel 

He is currently an employee at Integra Technologies Inc., California, USA.

Selected Publications:

Liang, C., Gooneratne, C.P., Wang, Q.X., Liu, Y., Gianchandani, Y. and Kosel, J., 2014. Magnetic properties of FeNi-based thin-film materials with different additives. Biosensors4(3), pp.189-203.

Liang, C., Hu, J., Prorok, B.C., Gooneratne, C. and Kosel, J., 2011. Annealing effect on the performance of sputtering deposited metglas thin films. In Materials Science Forum (Vol. 667, pp. 1207-1212). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.