Iurii Ivanov has been a Postdoctoral fellow at Sensing, Magnetism, and Microsystems Group under the supervision of Prof. Jurgen Kosel.

He is currently a Research Associate at the ​​​University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy​​.

Selected Publications:

Ivanov YP, Chuvilin A, Lopatin S, Kosel J. Modulated magnetic nanowires for controlling domain wall motion: toward 3D magnetic memories. ACS nano. 2016 May 24;10(5):5326-32.

Ivanov YP, Alfadhel A, Alnassar M, Perez JE, Vazquez M, Chuvilin A, Kosel J. Tunable magnetic nanowires for biomedical and harsh environment applications. Scientific reports. 2016 Apr 13;6:24189.