Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
B.Sc. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Class of 2013

Michael Margineanu has obtained  M.S degree in Bioscience at Sensing, Magnetism and Microsystems Group under the supervision of Prof. Jurgen Kosel

Currently, he is a PhD candidate in BioScience at KAUST Laboratory of Cellular Imaging and Energetics (Prof. Pierre Magistretti)

Selected Publications:

Margineanu, M.B., Julfakyan, K., Sommer, C., Perez, J.E., Contreras, M.F., Khashab, N., Kosel, J. and Ravasi, T., 2016. Semi-automated quantification of living cells with internalized nanostructures. Journal of nanobiotechnology14(1), p.4.

Perez JE, Contreras MF, Vilanova E, Felix LP, Margineanu MB, Luongo G, Porter AE, Dunlop IE, Ravasi T, Kosel J. Cytotoxicity and intracellular dissolution of nickel nanowires. Nanotoxicology. 2016 Aug 8;10(7):871-80.