Important Note: 

  • The SSI 2022 program will run for 7 weeks and will end on August 5th, 2022
  • KFUPM applicants will start a week earlier on June 5th, 2022.

The CEMSE Saudi Summer Internship (SSI) is a 6-12 week research program designed to introduce KSA University students to topics of research in our division of Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE). Participating students work on an individual research project with the opportunity to showcase their work at the end of their internship. Read more


Student Testimonials

The SSI program was a very enriching experience. I enjoyed every aspect of it! All the events and seminars were well organized. I am also very happy that I met many amazing people that I am glad to call friends.

Yara Banda, Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University

The SSI program is designed to help you discover research and show you how research is done. As a student, you want to find new things to experiment with and learn from experts. That is what SSI will give you! I would like to join SSI again because I know that I will learn new interesting things every time.

Abdulelah Alkesaiberi, Computer Science, King Abdulaziz University

The SSI program is the best program I took part in. It was a rich experience, the kind of experience that teaches you something about yourself. At the end of the program, I learned the most valuable thing about myself: what I want to do in my life, not just academically but my personal goals, too.

Abdulaziz Almutlaq, Statistics, KAUST

My internship at KAUST was a very fruitful and enriching experience. It broadened my understanding of science applications, engineering concepts, and research methodology. Publishing a high-quality research paper at the IEEE 90th Vehicle Technology Conference was a great achievement.

Rawan Alghamdi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Effat University

I extremely enjoyed my summer at KAUST. It was such an enriching experience and I gained many valuable laboratory skills as well as communication skills.

Lana Nabil Joharji, Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University 

It was an interesting experience and opportunity to learn and meet students at a multicultural environment. I enjoyed living at KAUST where it has variety of facilities and activities.

Haneen Alamoudi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University

I got influenced by the experienced research faculty at KAUST, and I was exposed to what I want to do in the future. After attending the internship program, I convinced myself to pursue research-related career path by doing a Master of Science degree.

Yousef Abdulaziz Alghofaili, Computer Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

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