New Book of Postdoc Michal Mankowski and Professor Mikhail Moshkov is published by Springer

New book "Dynamic Programming Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization" by Michal Mankowski and Mikhail Moshkov is published by Springer:

This book introduces a fairly universal approach to the design and analysis of exact optimization algorithms for multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems. It proposes the circuits without repetitions representing the sets of feasible solutions along with the increasing and strictly increasing cost functions as a model for such problems. The book designs the algorithms for multi-stage and bi-criteria optimization and for counting the solutions in the framework of this model.

As applications, this book studies eleven known combinatorial optimization problems: matrix chain multiplication, global sequence alignment, optimal paths in directed graphs, binary search trees, convex polygon triangulation, line breaking (text justification), one-dimensional clustering, optimal bitonic tour, segmented least squares, optimization of matchings in trees, and 0/1 knapsack problem.

The results presented are useful for researchers in combinatorial optimization. This book can also be used as the basis for graduate courses.