Decision Trees for Fault Diagnosis in Circuits and Switching Networks

A new book titled “Decision Trees for Fault Diagnosis in Circuits and Switching Networks” by Monther Busbait, Mikhail Moshkov, Albina Moshkova and Vladimir Shevtchenko has been published online:

This book is devoted to the study of decision trees for fault diagnosis in circuits and switching networks, which are among the most fundamental models for computing Boolean functions. The two main cases are considered: when the scheme (circuit or switching network) has the same mode of operation for both calculation and diagnostics and when the scheme has two modes of operation – normal for calculation and special for diagnostics. In the former case, mostly negative results are obtained, including superpolynomial lower bounds on the minimum depth of diagnostic decision trees depending on scheme complexity and the NP-hardness of construction diagnostic decision trees. In the latter case, classes of schemes and types of faults are described for which decision trees can be effectively used to diagnose schemes—when they are transformed into so-called iteration-free schemes.
The tools and results discussed in this book help to understand both the possibilities and challenges of using decision trees to diagnose faults in various schemes. The book is useful to specialists both in the field of theoretical and technical diagnostics. It can also be used for the creation of courses for graduate students.