Workshop Stochastic Numerics and Statistical Learning: Theory and Applications - May 2022

Guests of the workshop and Members of the Stochastic Numerics Research Group (KAUST) on May 25, 2022


Between the 15th and 29th of May 2022, KAUST hosted the Workshop Stochastic Numerics and Statistical Learning: Theory and Applications, organized by Prof. Raul F. Tempone (Stochastic Numerics Research Group) and Prof. Ajay Jasra (Computational Probability Research Group).

During these two weeks, 28 talks, 2 mini-courses, and 2 poster sessions were held, with the participation of renowned professors, researchers, and students. Over the two weeks, more than 150 people participated, on-site or remotely from many universities and research institutes.

The first mini-course was Deep Neural Network Robustness, given by Prof. Bernard Ghanem (KAUST) and his students Motasem Alfarra, Juan Camillo Perez Santamaria, and Hasan Abed Al Kader Hammoud. The second was Machine Learning Methods in Computational Finance: from signatures to reinforcement learning, taught by Prof. Christian Bayer (WIAS Berlin), Prof. Christoph Belak (TU-Berlin), Prof. Blanka Horvath (TU-Munich), and Prof. Paul Hager (Humboold University).

The two poster sessions gave visibility to the interesting research of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The first session took place at the Museum of Science and Technology in Islam (MOSTI), and the second one at the KAUST Library.

Talks, mini-courses, and many poster presentations can be accessed through out YouTube channel: SNSL Workshop May 2022

Find the Book of Abstratcts here.