The professors and facilities at KAUST were remarkable. It was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Middle East.

How did you get your current role?

''During my last months at KAUST I applied to a Program at Siemens in Germany called the Siemens Graduate Program where you work on projects in different functions during two years. After these two years, I moved to my current role as a Product Manager for Machine Tool Systems. I will be moving to my next role in a few months.''

What made you chose KAUST?

''It was - and still is - a very ambitious and inspiring project and I thought it would be exciting to be part of it. The professors and facilities were remarkable. Moreover, it was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Middle East.''

How did KAUST help you in your studies - what facilities or people helped you?

''Many of the student-life issues where taken care of (such as housing, insurances, etc.) so you could focus on your studies right away. There were no lack of facilities for either study or recreation. What I liked a lot is that most classes were small so students and professors had a closer relationship.''

Francisco's best memories of KAUST were extra-curricular in nature.

''I enjoyed playing concerts in our KAUST student rock band and the several weeks of very interesting lectures and fun activities called the Winter Enrichment Program was also great fun. It was a very relaxed and inspiring time where you could socialize a lot with your peers.''

What advice do you have for someone considering applying to KAUST?

Try to reach out to KAUST Alumni. We are very approachable and I believe all of us left with a great experience.