KAUST helped me learn how to solve and overcome complex problems.

Calculating for Capital

With a passion for mathematics, it only makes sense that Hanan Alshehri, MS '11 uses her skills working in the finance industry.

After gaining her Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Prince Sultan University, Hanan weighed up her options for further study and decided to study at KAUST as one of the founding students. In 2011, she graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences.

Upon leaving KAUST, Hanan gained employment at Capital Market Authority (CMA) in Riyadh. Today she works as Investment Products Development Officer, where she develops investment products in the Saudi Capital Market.

Hanan says she made a 'careful choice' regarding embarking on an education at KAUST, and it's one that has paid off.

"KAUST helped me learn how to solve and overcome complex problems," she says.

Overcoming problems is something Hanan continues to do in her job. She's particularly proud of working on several projects that were milestones in developing the status of the Saudi market among international peers.

As to her experience of KAUST, she's very pleased she decided to pursue her Masters here and advises current students to make the most of their experience.

"Take advantage of everything KAUST has to offer — the diversity of people, the gorgeous campus, and the incredibly rich learning experience."