Research Interests

Irving Enrique Reyna Nolasco's research interests include numerical methods for partial differential equations, large eddy simulations, high order entropy stable schemes, machine learning, complex systems, and non-linear dynamics.

Why did you choose your field of research?

As a graduate student, I have always found satisfaction in developing scientific software and libraries for the simulation and visualization of different phenomena. I enjoy applying scientific computing tools and mathematical concepts to relevant problems in physics. By the end of my bachelor studies, I was attracted toward differential equations. Later at the end of my master studies, I developed an interest in exploring fluid dynamics, partial differential equations and numerical methods, so I decided to deepen my knowledge in these fields and join the group of Professor Matteo Parsani.


KAUST caught my attention since the first time that I heard about it. I spend here three months as a visiting student, and I realized that KAUST was the best option to continue my graduate studies, so that experience encouraged me to apply for a Ph.D. position. I feel that KAUST is an excellent place to do scientific research and at the same time to be involved in other community and sports activities. The research collaborations and research facilities make it  a wonderful place to improve your research work. While studying here, I have discovered that KAUST is not only a place where you can develop your scientific career, but it also offers a different life experience with a variety of opportunities to enhance your personal skills.

Education Profile

  • Bachelor degree in Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (2015).
  • Master of Science degree in Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (2017).