Pedro Andres Vilanova Guerra worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow​​ at Professor Raul F. Tempone's Stochastic Numerics Research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Prior to that, Pedro Andres obtained a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from KAUST.

Research Interests

Pedro Andres' research interests included Error control and adaptive algorithms for Markovian processes and Statistical inference for Markovian processes.

Selected Publications

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • ​Member, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).
  • Member, American Mathematical Society (AMS).
  • ​Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


  • Provost´s Award for Outstanding Scholastic Scholarship, KAUST, Saudi Arabia.
  • Graduate Fellowship Award, KAUST, Saudi Arabia.​

KAUST Affiliations

  • Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering Division
  • Member of KAUST SRI Center for Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Science and Engineering

Education Profile

  • ​Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. KAUST, Saudi Arabia. Advisor: Prof. Raul Tempone.
  • Master of Research in Computer Science. Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. Advisor: Prof. Nora Szasz. 
  • ​Computer Engineer. Universidad ORT, Uruguay. Final project tutor: Prof. Martin Solari. ​
  • Bachelor in Statistics. Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. All course credits earned.
  • Bachelor in Information Systems Management. Universidad ORT, Uruguay. Monograph reviewer: Prof. Gerardo Matturro.
  • Bachelor in Accountancy (associate). Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. Monograph advisor: Prof. Mario Tenzer.​

Professional Memberships

  • Teaching Assistant at KAUST (Numerical Methods for SDE's, Stochastic Methods in Engineering, Computational Multivariate Statistics).
  • Teaching Assistant at Universidad ORT, Uruguay (Theory of Computation, Programming Paradigms, Data Structures and Algorithms I and II).
  • Research Assistant at Universidad ORT, Uruguay (Research on formal methods applied to software engineering).
  • Teaching Assistant at Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay (Introduction to computer science).
  • Research Intern at Supélec (France), Uppsala University (Sweden) and Heidelberg University (Germany).​
  • Independent Consultant in Software Engineering. Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Systems Analyst and Information Systems Security Specialist at several IT companies. Montevideo, Uruguay.