6G Summit on Connecting the Unconnected


Humanity finds itself on the cusp of yet another evolution in mobile telecommunications: sixth-generation wireless (6G). This progression in connectivity offers us a platform for smarter, faster, and more efficient communications. It also provides us with the implementation of a set of disparate technologies once considered pure science fiction. A collection of technology with the potential to transform the transmission of information and all spheres of human life such as economy, education and health to name a few.

Contrary to widespread belief, many believe the next G-jump will not bea preordained set-in-stone logical “driven by the best tech” process. With help from the most vigorous minds in the global science community, we can determine the future of wireless communications technologies. Put differently, humans can envision the future that 6G will follow.

In this context, the Communication Theory Lab (CTL) invited some of the most progressive minds in telecommunication engineering at the virtual full-day inaugural 6G Summit on Connecting the Unconnected on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. This summit highlighted some of the best research being done to connect the unconnected of the world; those individuals living in rural and remote parts of the world outside of the bustling super-connected cities who suffer the most from “digital inequality.” More specifically, this summit aims to go over the recently proposed integrated terrestrial-airborne-satellite solutions to provide
high-speed connectivity in under-covered areas to serve and contribute to the development of remote and/or sparsely populated regions and the provision of terrestrial Internet access, everywhere.

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