Sahar Ammar will join KAUST this fall as a M.S./Ph.D. candidate and member of the Networking Research Lab and Communication Theory Lab under the co-supervision of Professor Basem Shihada and Professor Mohamed-Slim Alouini. The multidisciplinary engineering graduate will join the University from Tunisia Polytechnic School (TPS).
Yingquan Li, 21, is an electrical engineering graduate who will join KAUST in the fall of 2020. He will join KAUST as a M.S./Ph.D. candidate in the KAUST Communication Theory Lab under the supervision of Professor Mohamed-Slim Alouini. An initial reference from a supervisor spurred his interest in joining KAUST, which resulted in a visiting student opportunity at KAUST. During his internship, Li was amazed by the facilities and research standard found on campus. It was this combination of impressive factors that inspired him to continue his academic career at the University.

 We are happy to announce the launch of the new Journal Frontiers in Communications and Networks!

The journal is led by Prof. Mohamed-Slim Alouini and aims to cover all the critical branches of contemporary telecommunications. This ranges from the physical layer to the cross-layer and networking design, performance evaluation, and validation.