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Fares Fourati is a Ph.D. student at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), under the supervision of Professor Mohamed-Slim Alouini.



Fares Fourati has studied mathematics and physics at the University of Sfax and has been among the top 1% in the Tunisian national contest of mathematics and physics in 2017. In 2020, he received his diplôme d’ingénieur with first-class honors in multidisciplinary engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie. In 2022, he received his Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering from KAUST.


Early Career

Before joining the MS/Ph.D. program at KAUST, he had research experience with KAUST as a visiting student under the supervision of Professor Mohamed-Slim Alouini. He had previous research experience with the Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie. He participated in several machine learning competitions, became a Kaggle competitions expert, and was ranked in the top 1% of the contestants. In summer 2019, he was selected among the 15 best engineering students in Tunisia to participate in the “Seeds for the Future” program in China. 


Scientific Interest 

Fares Fourati is interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially multi-armed bandits, reinforcement learning, and deep learning. 


Selected Publications

Fourati, F., Quinn, C. J., Alouini, M. S., & Aggarwal, V. (2024, March). Combinatorial Stochastic-Greedy Bandit. In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Vol. 38, No. 11, pp. 12052-12060).

Fourati, F., Aggarwal, V., Quinn, C., & Alouini, M. S. (2023, April). Randomized greedy learning for non-monotone stochastic submodular maximization under full-bandit feedback. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (pp. 7455-7471). PMLR.

Fourati, F., & Alouini, M. S. (2021). Artificial intelligence for satellite communication: A review. Intelligent and Converged Networks2(3), 213-243.